Whether you’re in sales, part of a non-profit, a small community group, or just need an easy way to send unconnected group messages, text messaging can enhance your marketing and communication efforts. You don’t have to be a marketing expert to get results from Text Panthers powerful text message service. Text Panther offers quick, convenient, and cost-efficient member and customer engagement.


house-for-sale-text-pantherReal Estate:

Text Panther is a powerful, affordable text messaging solution for realtors, developers and property managers. Start smart texting now.

Hundreds of Realtors and real estate agencies, management companies, and developers consider Text Panther an essential part of their businesses. From easily sending a mass message notifying potential buyers about open houses, encouraging house hunters, and texting them reminders, Text Panther will help. The referral exchange system has also been a game changer for agents. An agent can refer a painter, contractor, or another source to their client and Text Panther will automatically send an referral notification to the person that was just referred. Seamlessly connect your network and increase your creditability.


I use Text Panther to send marketing text messages to my customers. I schedule messages to past customers to keep in front and increase my referral rate. More customers, more revenue.

With Text Panthers smart texting features, the real estate industry professionals are now able to:

  • Quickly upload your contacts from your smart phone or add new contacts to the app.
  • Schedule personalized text messages to go out now or a date in the future
  • Create custom text distribution lists to group your clients together.

Use targeting to send the right message, to the right people, at the right time. For example: Create a group for potential home buyers looking in a certain area. Send a mass message to all of them when there is an opportunity.

The majority of Fredericks Property Management time is spent managing over 400 rental properties. They also receive over 100 calls daily from potential renters looking for housing. Both sections of their business require contacting a large amount of people with information that is time sensitive. They estimate that they save $95,000 per year by using Text Panther.

Send 15 or 1500 messages in minutes with a single click. Segment your contacts into unlimited custom groups to make this easy.

Utilize Text Panther to send special offers, schedule appointment reminders, and market new services and items.

Small-business-smallSmall Business:

We help small businesses everyday use simple, cost efficient text messages to increase sales and build customer loyalty. Try Text Panther today.

New to text message marketing? Need some mobile marketing ideas?





Grow your retail business by building your relationships. Make your customer feel that you care for them. Send special offers, sneak preview sales, and “VIP” offers directly to their cell phones. These messages can be sent in a group and are delivered in a one on one basis. Your customer will feel as if you directly sent this offer to just them. It is inexpensive and allows you to really impact your customer. Are you ready to grow your relationships? 





Text messages allow you to build loyalty, upsell your current customers, and drive foot traffic on slow nights. Use the weather to send specific specials on food. Hot summer day? Promote a great desert or margarita. Allow your servers to send their business card to customers and let them know when they are working. Are you ready for more traffic?




religious-text-pantherReligious Organizations:

Text Panther is an effective and affordable group text messaging solution for your church, temple, or other religious organization. Send times of service, prayer requests, daily devotionals, and notify your members of special events. These messages are no easier to communicate with group messaging delivered individually. Over 500 organizations have already implemented it, and have recommended Text Panther to others. Imagine the difference you can make to your members.



event-text-pantherEvent organizers:

With hundreds of people attending your events, Text Panther provides an easy way to send messages right to the attendee’s phone. Notify them of changes, send a countdown, or get them excited with messages prior to the evet. Give attendees the opportunity to sign up for upcoming event notifications directly on their cell phones. Are you effectively communicating with your attendees?





Non- Profits

Without the right tools, managing communications among members of a non-profit can be tough. Email gets lost in a plethora of spam, phone calls take to long, and paper mail takes forever. Using text messaging non-profits, can solve your communications challenges.  Start importing contacts now.




Text Panther founders believe that text messaging services should be easy to use, easy to customize, and not break the bank. That’s why the Text Panther messaging platform makes sending a custom text, fun, fast, and inexpensive. Text Panthers mass texting service is the latest innovative app that you and your team can use to send bulk text messages in the United States and Canada with absolutely no hassle.