Online Business Owner Success: Text Message Greatness

I just downloaded the Text Panther app about two weeks ago and have found it to be a tremendous tool in my business. I have an online weight-loss group on Facebook. I want them to know that I am there to support them so I schedule text messages to go out to my clients that have popped it in. I set it up in my Text Panther app for a few messages to go out over the week. They may be motivation, they may be a success story, or even a quick tip. With Text Panther, I am able to

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Busy Mom Uses TextPanther for Peace of Mind

I am the mother of three active teenage boys and my husband and I both work full time. As you can image our schedules are full and getting everybody everywhere at the right time is a logistical challenge. Every Sunday afternoon, I use Text Panther to schedule text messages that will go out during the week to facilitate the coordination of our households busy lives. As an example I will schedule a text on Sunday to go to my husband Wednesday at 5:00 telling him which of my boys he needs to pick up and where. This is so much

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What is the One Thing That is Holding You Back?

Do you ever find yourself sitting there thinking why am I here and not there? Yes you do, we all do. It is like we are sitting there waiting for someone to tell us it is OK to try something new, take that new venture. The world we live in now seems as if we need permission to be successful. The one thing that is holding you back from being successful at whatever it is that you want to accomplish is YOU. You have the power to make a change and make it work to the best of your ability.

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Don’t Do This At The Next Networking Blog- Let TextPanther Help You Look Professional Part 2

The second part of my speed networking story is about the effectiveness that TextPanther actually had.  If you have not read the first part, go back and read it.  This will make much more sense if you do. I had my paper business cards, but why in the world would I give them out?  I went last at the specific table I was at. I asked everyone if their cell phone number or email was on their card. Everyone replied yes.  I said I will text you my business card. The whole point of a networking event is to stand

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Don’t Do This At The Next Networking Blog- Let TextPanther Help You Look Professional Part 1

I was recently at a speed networking event. I had never been to one before so I had NO idea what they were all about.  If you don’t either here is a brief description: You sit at a table with 4-8 people and you have 3 minutes to give your “elevator” speech.  The others can ask you questions and give you advice.  You need to make sure you have your business cards out to hand one to everyone. This was an awesome event and I met a lot of people.  BUT there were 2 problems.  I could not remember anything

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TextPanther Makes Presence Easy, Because Presence Is Important

Being present and showing appreciation to someone is one of the most important skills in being successful.  We sometimes forget and overlook that customers are people. Team members are people.  People like to feel important and appreciated, not like they are simply another number to manage.  Being as busy as most of us are on a daily basis, can seem like staying on top of the presence and appreciation model of relationship building is like jumping through hoops of fire. It is almost impossible to communicate with so many people as often as we would like. BUT the fact of

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