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Mobile Marketing Strategy You Should Be Using

Smartphones have made mobile marketing the best way to reach your customer and have your message read! Shopping used to be a hectic task around the holiday season. Setting aside a few days to run out to the mall and the toy store to get those in demand gifts. Of course you will forget a few things and discover them at different times which will have you running to the store numerous times! Now we have the smartphone and things have changed. Browsing and buying can now be done on your smartphone. According to recent Google research, 54% of holiday shoppers will

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$0.007 Cost to Advertise by Mobile VERSUS Facebook of $3.50

It costs more to market new products than it costs to market existing products. So why are you spending money on banner ads seen by blind people only? I am talking about banner ads and how in the reality only 0.001% of people ever click them. Whereas 98% people click text messages.   As small businesses, we need to be smart in evaluating where our marketing money is being spent.   A company that wants to market and established product line is looking to spend between 5-10% of the overall annual sales revenue.This means if a company wants to market an

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