Text Message Marketing Grew My Online Business

I discovered the TextPanther app about 3 months ago and it has been a great addition to my business. I am an online lifestyle coach. I never thought text message marketing would help my business. Constant communication is very important to the relationships I build as work to improve the quality of my clients’ lives. The app allows me to segregate my clients into different groups so that I can better target my message to each client. TextPanther has cut the amount of time I was spending on communication down significantly plus I am able to increase the amount of

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Buyers Under 40 Prefer Text

Buyers Under 40 Prefer Text Attitudes are evolving when it comes to how people expect to be interacted with. And text messaging is become a lot more acceptable. In fact, most mobile phone users will like your brand better if you include a text messaging campaign as they find it an easier form of communication. Statistics When it comes to receiving business related information, 30% of people prefer texts over email. Top reasons why: 1. Shorter message means the product offer has to be concise and quick to read 2. The brand or company name is remembered more often 3. If

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Featured Article: Struggles of Developing Your Company

Today we were featured on OrgBoat! OrgBoat a business that helps entrepreneurs in business. It is an honor to have been able to write about and educate others on some of the key areas that we struggled in. Read the article here: Text Panther: The Real Struggles of Developing Your Company. Many other small business owners struggle with this and will be able to relate to the “hiring” game. It is hard to find people to hire that have a passion for actually wanting your business to succeed as much as you do! What are some of the tactics that

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Why Mobile Marketing is Good for E-Commerce Stores

Mobile marketing for e-commerce websites can increase customer loyalty and reduce your marketing costs. Did you know that it is 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one? What does this mean for e-commerce stores? Imagine this scenario: You are currently paying $1.80 for CPC for the key term “buy vintage shoes”. You have an average of 150 visitors each day to your site. $1.80 x 150 = $270 each day for google ad words. Lets say 10% of the 150 people buy, that is 15 people who buy $50 shoes. 15

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