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Text Message Marketing Grew My Online Business

I discovered the TextPanther app about 3 months ago and it has been a great addition to my business. I am an online lifestyle coach. I never thought text message marketing would help my business. Constant communication is very important to the relationships I build as work to improve the quality of my clients’ lives. The app allows me to segregate my clients into different groups so that I can better target my message to each client. TextPanther has cut the amount of time I was spending on communication down significantly plus I am able to increase the amount of

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Text Message Helped Me Close A Sale All Through Text Messaging

Recently, I had a prospect that I was very close to signing a deal with. Everything had been discussed and workout. It was time to sign paperwork. When I called him to arrange for a meeting to do just that, he answered my call while he was in the emergency room of the local hospital. Naturally, he was rushed on time and short on details. His daughter had been in a very serious car accident. As a parent I felt sad for my prospect’s fate. I genuinely wanted to know how his daughter was doing, but I didn’t want to

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Inspect What You Expect: Success Happens With Follow Up

PART II Take Good To Great If you have not read Part I of “Inspect What You Expect” I strongly suggest you go back and read that first. Lets now talk about your role as a person of authority. Take good to great in your role and you will see more success! This is a follow up to the previous blog about inspecting what you expect from your team.  As a Sales Manager, you have to clearly communicate the behaviors and activities that you expect from your team.  You then need to follow up and hold them accountable for those

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Inspect What You Expect: 3 Sales Management Tips For Success

INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT As a sales manager you where many different hats at one time.  Often times you must be both a coach and a cop. Sales Management can be a tough gig. Let me explain:  You want to be supportive and optimistic about your team.  Encouraging them to perform and supporting your team members through constructive criticism.  However, you also must hold your team and more specifically individual team members accountable for their actions or lack so of. The only way to be able to be both a coach and a cop at the same time is to

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If You Own A Business, Work In A Business, You Must Read This: Business Tips

What you are about to read, may save your life! I am not kidding! We rely so much on technology and if you are not careful, it could come back to bite you! The Business Tips listed below need to be shared with your friends, co-workers, and friends. For anyone of you that has any documents, pictures, or any important files on your computer,  you need to back it up. I always thought that saving my documents on the computer was perfectly fine. Boy was I wrong! I rarely used a USB or any sort of cloud services to save

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Stop Being Stupid- Follow Up With Everyone

Why don’t sales people follow up with potential customers and current customers on a regular basis or sometimes even at all? Good question, right? It seems that you would want to follow up and have a seamless system in place to do just that!  You are on commission, why are you letting money walk out the door because you are missing one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Sales people, by nature do not like to be told no. We are mostly the “A” type personality and face it, we think that we know it all. When someone

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