Text Message Marketing Grew My Online Business

I discovered the TextPanther app about 3 months ago and it has been a great addition to my business. I am an online lifestyle coach. I never thought text message marketing would help my business. Constant communication is very important to the relationships I build as work to improve the quality of my clients’ lives. The app allows me to segregate my clients into different groups so that I can better target my message to each client. TextPanther has cut the amount of time I was spending on communication down significantly plus I am able to increase the amount of

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Text Message Marketing Grows Local Landscaping Business

I started my own landscaping company 7 years ago and it was just my cousin and me doing mowing jobs, trimming bushes and planting a few trees. I never thought I would be using text message marketing as a way of up-scaling.  It was slow at first but then with referrals business really took off. I hired more people and started spending all my time juggling logistics and drive around collecting payments. It was a great problem to have, but I missed doing the actual landscaping work. Last year I started converting my regular clients to text messaging as opposed

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Increased Revenue With Text Message Scheduling

My wife and I run an 8 chair salon in northern California. We were spending a lot of time and energy juggling the schedule of my hair dressers and customers. Staffing the right amount of hair dressers with an uncertain amount of customer traffic is a headache. Customers tend to make last minute appointments or just walk in and don’t want to wait if we are understaffed. Text Panther has been a game changer for us. Over the course of 3 months we were able to get about 90% of our customer base to start communicating with us via text

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Text Message Helped Me Close A Sale All Through Text Messaging

Recently, I had a prospect that I was very close to signing a deal with. Everything had been discussed and workout. It was time to sign paperwork. When I called him to arrange for a meeting to do just that, he answered my call while he was in the emergency room of the local hospital. Naturally, he was rushed on time and short on details. His daughter had been in a very serious car accident. As a parent I felt sad for my prospect’s fate. I genuinely wanted to know how his daughter was doing, but I didn’t want to

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A Better Way To Send Mass Text Messages!

Building relationships is key to increase your sales   Imagine a cost effective way of sending a mass text messages to many contacts at the same time and having them delivered on an individual basis. Imagine send a message like this to 50 clients and them receiving the message as if you just sent it to them… “Hi, hope you are doing well. I wanted to reach out to you and let you know that….”                                             or “I wanted to wish you and your family a happy 4th of July.” These are PERSONAL messages that will keep you “fresh” in

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Are Customers Ok or Annoyed With Business Text Messages?

  Is Text Messaging Customers OK or Annoying? New Survey Provides Answer A lot of businesses are scared to send text messages to their customers. And I get it. It’s just so many companies doing text message marketing wrong. The good news is, there’s no reason to shy away from text message marketing.  The 2014 Businesses Texting Customers Survey shows a surprising number of customers actually want text messages from businesses. So the big question. Should you send text messages to your customers? The good news is, only 30% of the participants said “NO” to text messages from businesses. Most

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