Are Customers Ok or Annoyed With Business Text Messages?

  Is Text Messaging Customers OK or Annoying? New Survey Provides Answer A lot of businesses are scared to send text messages to their customers. And I get it. It’s just so many companies doing text message marketing wrong. The good news is, there’s no reason to shy away from text message marketing.  The 2014 Businesses Texting Customers Survey shows a surprising number of customers actually want text messages from businesses. So the big question. Should you send text messages to your customers? The good news is, only 30% of the participants said “NO” to text messages from businesses. Most

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$0.007 Cost to Advertise by Mobile VERSUS Facebook of $3.50

It costs more to market new products than it costs to market existing products. So why are you spending money on banner ads seen by blind people only? I am talking about banner ads and how in the reality only 0.001% of people ever click them. Whereas 98% people click text messages.   As small businesses, we need to be smart in evaluating where our marketing money is being spent.   A company that wants to market and established product line is looking to spend between 5-10% of the overall annual sales revenue.This means if a company wants to market an

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Why Mobile Marketing is Good for E-Commerce Stores

Mobile marketing for e-commerce websites can increase customer loyalty and reduce your marketing costs. Did you know that it is 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one? What does this mean for e-commerce stores? Imagine this scenario: You are currently paying $1.80 for CPC for the key term “buy vintage shoes”. You have an average of 150 visitors each day to your site. $1.80 x 150 = $270 each day for google ad words. Lets say 10% of the 150 people buy, that is 15 people who buy $50 shoes. 15

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Stop Being Stupid- Follow Up With Everyone

Why don’t sales people follow up with potential customers and current customers on a regular basis or sometimes even at all? Good question, right? It seems that you would want to follow up and have a seamless system in place to do just that!  You are on commission, why are you letting money walk out the door because you are missing one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. Sales people, by nature do not like to be told no. We are mostly the “A” type personality and face it, we think that we know it all. When someone

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Attributes Of A Great Sales Person: Do You Qualify?

If you’re not going to be great in sales, go get another career, because it’s too hard to do if you’re not going to succeed. Great salespeople are literally the engine of every economy in the world. Sales is one of those things that requires people skills. Not everyone is cut out to be in sales, so what makes a good salesperson? Here are 8 different characteristics of a GREAT sales person. Organizational skills. Being in sales is a business where rewards are in direct proportion to the effort put fourth. The more organized and consistent the efforts, the greater

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Challenge Yourself and Start Meeting Your Goals

Have you ever felt stuck? I’m totally defeated and I don’t know what else to do. You set goals for yourself but always seem to get sidetracked and don’t understand why you’re not seeing success. Of course this is going to make you feel defeated. Like you just want to throw in the towel. You’re done! To feel undefeated, like you’re really getting somewhere it requires you to set a few goals, and only work on those specific goals until they are completely done. I have made this mistake so many times. I start one project and because my mind

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