Attributes Of A Great Sales Person: Do You Qualify?

If you’re not going to be great in sales, go get another career, because it’s too hard to do if you’re not going to succeed. Great salespeople are literally the engine of every economy in the world. Sales is one of those things that requires people skills. Not everyone is cut out to be in sales, so what makes a good salesperson? Here are 8 different characteristics of a GREAT sales person. Organizational skills. Being in sales is a business where rewards are in direct proportion to the effort put fourth. The more organized and consistent the efforts, the greater

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Challenge Yourself and Start Meeting Your Goals

Have you ever felt stuck? I’m totally defeated and I don’t know what else to do. You set goals for yourself but always seem to get sidetracked and don’t understand why you’re not seeing success. Of course this is going to make you feel defeated. Like you just want to throw in the towel. You’re done! To feel undefeated, like you’re really getting somewhere it requires you to set a few goals, and only work on those specific goals until they are completely done. I have made this mistake so many times. I start one project and because my mind

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The Setup: The Beginning of a Successful Meeting

There is an art when it comes to running a successful meeting with a client.  When you are in a meeting, you have to provide a benefit to the client.  Your client should walk away with a strong sense of belief that you just helped them solve an issue or meet a need. The worst thing that could happen and the last thing that you want is an impression that you just wasted their time! Time is one of the top reasons someone will tell you no and one of the most valuable things to a human being. How many

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Your Morning Routine Could Be Ruining Your Day

Have you ever thought about your morning routine? I mean REALLY thought about your morning routine? As I sit back and think about mine, I am amazed that it pretty much looks the same everyday.  Is this a good thing or a bad thing? One may say that it is a good thing, you have morning routine down, it is your ritual. Remember, the morning is the determining factor for how your day is going to turn out. You need to control your day; the day should not control you.  Upon looking closer at the routine of the morning, are

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Successful Selling Is A Way Of Selling Not Making A Sale

Successful selling is not making a sale. Successful selling is an actual “method” of selling. Success, yours and your customers are equally important and without one the other is not possible. Like you, your customers want to be successful. Your success as a sales person depends in a big part on your commitment to your customer success. Your ability to help customers make decisions is what contributes to their success. Your customers tell you how you can help them be successful when they tell you about their needs. When they expressed a desire to improve or accomplish something in their

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The Cure Cancer Foundation Needs You To Download Text Panther

Did you know that Text Panther donates 10% of all revenue generated to The Cure Cancer Foundation? Why? It’s simple. We are a socially conscious business and we want to help other families get through hard times. Here’s the story: I grew up living with my grandmother. She was very special to me and was much like my mother. I shared everything with her, even in my early adult life. Into 2008, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Ultimately she lived one year and died in January 2009. My husband’s brother died at a very young age of cancer as

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