Our community of users’ success is the foundation upon which TextPanther is built. This app is first and foremost for the user, so we want to be completely transparent about our business model.


The initial download fee covers the cost of technical design and development of TextPanther. Our engineers are continuously working to improve capabilities and functionality of the application. Your feedback and ideas on ways to improve it are vital in guiding future innovation.


Future upgrades and newer generations of TextPanther are yours for free after you download the application.


Per our privacy policy we do not sell your information. We respect your information and the information that you input in TextPanther.  Therefore we only require you to put in the bare minimum about yourself to register to use TextPanther.  The information that you import and input into TextPanther stays with you and with you only.


This is the user’s tool too be more effective and efficient at managing your relationships through text.


We realize some of you may use TextPanther more than others. Therefore we have given you two options to choose from on a monthly basis.  You can choose to download the full version of TextPanther with and use with a minimal monthly fee. Or you may use the free version of TextPanther.  These fees  cover operational costs of servers and network administrators, so that you have the superior support and necessary storage that accompanies it. TextPanther allows you to archive text, so conversations can be easily recovered and it will not occupy the memory of your smart device.


If we did not assess this minimal monthly fee our application would be sort of a scheme in which new downloads would be covering the cost of existing users and would not be going to improve the functionality of future versions of TextPanther.  This is part of our commitment to the users to be transparent and to put your interest first.


Being a socially conscience business is important to the creators of TextPanther, that’s why 10% of the net revenue generated goes to The Cure Cancer Foundation. We call this “texting for a purpose”. There are over 1.5 million new cases of cancer each year. The creators of this cutting edge application have both had immediate family members die from cancer.  We want our community of users to help us find cures and help those families that are currently struggling with the devastation of cancer.  Please share TextPanther with friends and family so that you are aiding in the fight against cancer.