Is Text Messaging Customers OK or Annoying? New Survey Provides Answer

A lot of businesses are scared to send text messages to their customers. And I get it.

It’s just so many companies doing text message marketing wrong.

The good news is, there’s no reason to shy away from text message marketing.  The 2014 Businesses Texting Customers Survey shows a surprising number of customers actually want text messages from businesses.


So the big question. Should you send text messages to your customers?

The good news is, only 30% of the participants said “NO” to text messages from businesses. Most others said “Maybe”. This means you should only send relevant text messages to your customers. And you should ONLY send them to the customers that opt-in.

Ok, now you know you can send text messages to customers, but how often.

The results are quite surprising. The survey found that 50% of the participants would like text messages from businesses at least 1-5 times a week!!!

Yup. 1-5 times a week.

It gets even more interesting.

Over 20% of those surveyed would like to receive text messages from businesses as often as the text messages are helpful.

That means you can send text messages to your customers as often as you like, as long as your customers find the text messages helpful.

There’s plenty more to the survey :

  1. Do your customers want customer support via text message?
  2. Do your customers want a text when they have problems on your website?
  3. Do your users want a text message when they have problems in your mobile app?

But this should answer the question on many businesses mind.

Should you send text messages to you customers?

YES and surprisingly, you can do it often.

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