What you are about to read, may save your life! I am not kidding! We rely so much on technology and if you are not careful, it could come back to bite you! The Business Tips listed below need to be shared with your friends, co-workers, and friends.

For anyone of you that has any documents, pictures, or any important files on your computer,  you need to back it up. I always thought that saving my documents on the computer was perfectly fine. Boy was I wrong!

I rarely used a USB or any sort of cloud services to save documents. Well, then the unthinkable happened to me. I was working on a document that I needed for Monday (it was Sunday). I needed a break, so I got up from the computer, I literally was away for five minutes. When I came back the screen was black.  I tried to turn it back on, just to fail many times. I did desperate google searches for at least an hour, trying about 50 different recommendations to get this Mac back up. NO LUCK!


I read that the hard drive may have failed, so I called Best Buy, explained the problem, and then headed to them in hopes of rescue! Basically Best Buy told me that my Mac Book Pro’s hard drive had completely failed and with any luck they would keep it overnight and try to recover the data in house.  Later that night, I was quite frankly feeling like a pet owner, waiting in anticipation for 8:30 AM to hear the news. Did little Mac make it?

Of course they were unable to recover any information off from the only option was to send it out and have the hard drive physically taken apart and recovered that way.  Because there are very important documents stored in the computer for my businesses, I had no choice. Best Buy told me it was going to cost about $700.00 to do this, boy did I feel dumb!

Why am I telling you this? Because, I want to give you the most valuable business tip ever.  Not only items that you may have stored on your computer are important, a lot of the times you will have items (pictures, notes) on your phone that are equally important. Especially if you use text messaging to conduct business (which you should because it works awesomely).

So the solution. Let me first tell you, I am cheap! I am so cheap that I use coupons, and I will dispute an item on a bill no matter how small it is. You need to buy an item that will keep your files safe! Business tip for your computer:coupon

  1. USB– Probably not the best option, but better than nothing. You can save your files, pictures, etc… to the computer and as a back up to the USB.
  2. External Hard Drive– Good option for saving items, not only to save, but you can actually do a back up of your entire computer to the external hard drive for ultimate safety.hard drive
  3. Storage in the Cloud- This is a great option for saving items because you can typically access them from anywhere. Just sign in to you account and you can access the items you saved on any device. You can also save items from multiple devices to one, easy to access spot. There are a few services that do this:

A. iCloud: 50 GB: $0.99,  200GB: $2.99,1TB: $9.99- These are monthly costs, but so worth the value.

B. Drop Box– 1TB: $9.99, 2 GB is free. These are monthly costs.

C. One Drive 5 GB is free, 50 GB is $1.99, 1TB: $9.99. Again, monthly cost.

A lot of time and effort went into the items that you have saved. I learned the hard and expensive way, don’t be like me… Back your stuff up now.

Another business tip to consider is text messages that you send on your phone. If you are like me, I am constantly copying important information from a text message over to notes so they do not get accidentally deleted. Conducting business over text messages as well, you have to be able to “prove” conversations in some instances. There is a better way to save your messages. TextPanther, an app for your smartphone, has an automatic archiving system. This feature  ensures you, that your messages will be safe in the cloud and password protected. The other nice feature of TextPanther is, if you lost your phone, it was damaged, or stolen, you would be able to re-download the app on your new device and access all of your messages.

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I hope that you, if you have not already, use a service or other backup options above ASAP! Trust me, it may take you 10 minutes to register for one now, but will save you time and money in the future!