Mobile marketing for e-commerce websites can increase customer loyalty and reduce your marketing costs. Did you know that it is 6 to 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one? What does this mean for e-commerce stores?
Imagine this scenario: You are currently paying $1.80 for CPC for the key term “buy vintage shoes”. You have an average of 150 visitors each day to your site. $1.80 x 150 = $270 each day for google ad words.

Lets say 10% of the 150 people buy, that is 15 people who buy $50 shoes. 15 x $50 = $750 US
The sales is $750 minus cost for google adwords of $270 US. Your revenue for that day is $480 US.
Now imagine that you can keep these 15 people that you spent $1.80 for CPC to keep returning to your website. With this method you save each day $27. These people would be essentially free to market to.


What tools could you use to keep customers returning?

1) Mobile marketing with apps like TextPanther advertising special offers and vouchers by text message. Since 98% of people read texts, its an excellent way for e-commerce sites to advertise their promotions.

2) Email marketing with applications like MailChimp and MailPoet. You can send 2000 free emails each month and 500 free emails with MailPoet.

3) A special coupon that they can share to their social media networks that allows them and a friend to get a discount on their next sale. Get A Coupon for Your Store

What messages have the highest open rate for advertising?

Mobile Marketing
a) With this coupon: X44F43 get $10 off your next purchase. Hurry. Valid only for 24 hours
b) Invite a friend. Spend $20 each and get free bags for both of you. Click this link
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mobile marketing for e-commerce

E-Mail Marketing
a) Reasons Why 1000’s Buy Vintage Shoes from Us
b) Vintage Shoes –Buy 1, get the other 50% off
c) Lists of Celebrities Who Love Vintage Shoes
For more information on the best email subjects, check out this link: Best Email Subject Lines

Here are some great ideas for loyalty programs implemented by other e-commerce websites:

Rewards Programs with Points
Tiered Loyalty Programs

If you are interested in starting a mobile marketing program to build loyalty with your customers, all you need to do is download the TextPanther app and we will send you a free guide to starting your first campaign.