Did you know that Text Panther donates 10% of all revenue generated to The Cure Cancer Foundation? Why? It’s simple. We are a socially conscious business and we want to help other families get through hard times. Here’s the story:

I grew up living with my grandmother. She was very special to me and was much like my mother. I shared everything with her, even in my early adult life. Into 2008, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Ultimately she lived one year and died in January 2009.

My husband’s brother died at a very young age of cancer as well. He left behind a wife and two young boys to fend for themselves. My husband and his family traveled 100’s of miles, four or five times a week to come down and visit Larry in the hospital.

There are so many stories much like ours that other people have experienced and will continue to experience in the future. We want to make a difference in those lives. Families are financially struck by cancer every day. Medical costs are expensive and getting more expensive every year. Not to mention the ongoing expense of prescriptions.

We want to live our lives with a purpose. So upon developing our idea of Text Panther, we also deliberated about how we could help others. What we decided was The Cure Cancer Foundation.

CCF Logo

We call it texting for a purpose. That is why we donate 10% of all of the revenue generated from Text Panther to The Cure Cancer Foundation. The more downloads we reach of Text Panther the more we donations we can make to families and cancer research and hospitals.


Recently we visited the Ronald McDonald house here in Indianapolis. We were fortunate enough to donate a generous amount. We were also fortunate enough to get donations in 2015 the the foundation and we were able to help out a local family at Christmas time, their dad was in the hospital with cancer.


Our future plans include a visit to Boston to the cancer hospital downtown at the beginning of February 2016. Also at the end of February 2016 we will be traveling to New Orleans and will also be donating to a cancer hospital there.

There is _Can_ in CANCER

When you download and use Text Panther you are helping serve families that are in need. Take this, share it with your network! We ALL have the power to beat cancer. After all CAN is in cancer!