The second part of my speed networking story is about the effectiveness that TextPanther actually had.  If you have not read the first part, go back and read it.  This will make much more sense if you do.

I had my paper business cards, but why in the world would I give them out?  I went last at the specific table I was at. I asked everyone if their cell phone number or email was on their card. Everyone replied yes.  I said I will text you my business card.

The whole point of a networking event is to stand out and attract people to you, right? What better way to stand out. No one else is utilizing this feature, so start now and be the first.

The comments that came to me were amazing!  Everyone was very impressed with receiving  a card so easy and being able to save it right into their phone.  They also really liked the design of the card.

Here is the really cool thing.  Since using TextPanther to send my cards that day, 5 people that I met actually followed up with me.  Normally at a networking event there would be 1 maybe 2, but 5.  Was it that they were impressed with my efficiency of sending the card right to them? Or maybe because they did not lose my card?

Here is one last networking tip: As an effective networker, you must be willing to take a risk and give first. To demonstrate your sincerity to help your freshly kindled relationships, be the first to pass a referral, share new information or make a new introduction.