Being present and showing appreciation to someone is one of the most important skills in being successful.  We sometimes forget and overlook that customers are people. Team members are peoplePeople like to feel important and appreciated, not like they are simply another number to manage. 

Being as busy as most of us are on a daily basis, can seem like staying on top of the presence and appreciation model of relationship building is like jumping through hoops of fire. It is almost impossible to communicate with so many people as often as we would like. BUT the fact of the matter is that the more someone feels appreciated and important, the more likely they will be to refer you to someone else in their network.  As we all know, referrals are great and sometimes hard to come by.

So how can we develop a system that allows us to touch so many people on a consistent basis? Utilizing TextPanther will help you achieve just this outcome.  TextPanther allows you to create customized groups and craft messages to be sent to that group at the time that you choose. 

Here is an example of how TextPanther will help you stay in contact and build a stronger relationship with a customer:

I signed up for a birthday club at a local, high end restaurant last week.  I gave them my name, birth date, and  phone number.  I was instructed on the signup form that when I went in for dinner in the month I was born I should give the waitress my phone number and I would receive a free appetizer or dessert.  I did just that and enjoyed my complimentary dessert.  I still have not received any sort of follow up.  Imagine that after a few days, I received a text message thanking me for coming in on Saturday and dining with them.  I would feel appreciated and know that I am important to their business, not like another stream of revenue.

Here is an example of how TextPanther will help you stay in contact and build a stronger relationship with your team members:

Be a leader and be looked up to. Motivation is a great way to do this. Use TextPanther to create different lists in your organization by the different types of jobs.  Send weekly sales tips or a quote to your sales team. Send out an interesting statics to your accounting team.  The possibilities are endless.  TextPanther makes sending a message to many people at the same time a very fast process.

Block 10 minutes a week off on your calendar to craft and schedule these messages and you will see the increase in a short period of time.

“Kind words can be short and easy to speak: but their echos are truly endless” – Mother Teresa