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We help sales people increase their sales with a cost effective test messaging system. Engage your customers the smart way. 98% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. With this rate of consumption, increasing your sales has never been easier. TextPanther is Apple’s leading application that will help you effectively communicate with 100's of people on an individual basis. Imagine the power of the combination... email and a contact management system functionality all in one application on your smartphone. Yes! That is TextPanther!

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At a time when communicating with people has never been easier due to text, the real challenge is how to be effective and efficient in this mode of dialog. TextPanther combines several functions together that allow you to build and retain relationships, whether for personal fulfillment or business enrichment through text messaging, because relationships are the key to success in life.

  • TextPanther allows you to craft a message and schedule it to be sent at a future time. This feature enables you to systematically stay in touch with anyone you want to. Additionally, TextPanther allows you to organize your contacts into custom groups for a mass message or you can send a message to your distribution list that appears as an individual text.
  • TextPanther’s referral exchange function is a breakthrough way of effectively connecting one of your contacts with another one. The user sends a contact’s information to another person and TextPanther simultaneously sends a text to the referred contact so they know who and when their information was shared. Now you are facilitating a seamless connection of your personal network.
  • TextPanther allows you to store text messages securely in the cloud. If you conduct official affairs through text, then you're going to have the peace of mind with the archiving function. Messages that are sent and received can be retrieved to document your conversation from any point in time.
  • TextPanther's breakthrough application has the ability to design multiple virtual business cards that look like real ones. Input a photo, your company logo, your contact information and social media profiles. Do you act in various capacities with different roles depending on the circumstances? Then share the virtual business card the matches your role to that situation with one click.


TextPanther is the most effective, most affordable way to communicate with your customers

TextPanther Features

The Best Parts of TextPanther


Borrow time from yourself. When you are not as busy, schedule a text message to automatically be sent at a time you choose. Send it to one contact or numerous contacts. You will be more proactive using text to drive relationships in a more efficient manner.


TextPanther allows you to easily send what appears like an individualized message to a group of contacts yet does not appear to be part of a “group” message. Connect with friends, family or business contacts with a personal touch without having to personally touch each text.


Send one of your existing contact’s information to another person and at the same time send a referral notification text to the contact you recommended. Effectively connect your personal network for stronger relationships.


Create groups using your contacts to customize text distribution lists. Put contacts in single or multiple lists. Easily share a tip or an opportunity with a targeted audience at the right time.


TextPanther automatically archives text messages that you send. You can easily retrieve messages by searching the name or date. Better yet the storage is in the cloud and not eating up precious memory on your smart device. Feel secure in your ability to conduct business through text messaging because the archive is password protected.


Create multiple “real” virtual business cards for the various roles you perform. Add a picture, your company logo and all social media profiles to your business cards. Design a card for each segment that you represent. Give the right business card in every situation with one touch of a button.

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